Here’s a list of some of my more recent projects.

Let's Roam

Let’s Roam is a scavenger hunt company that uses a mobile app to help users explore and learn about their surroundings.


What Are Life Totals At? (a.k.a. W.A.L.T.A.) is a product I created to help Magic the Gathering players get better at the game.


Henchmen! is the first tabletop game I designed, illustrated, kickstarted and published.

9 Lives

9 lives is a fun micro-game that takes about 5 minutes to play. The game is designed to be simple, fast, and supports up to 6 players. All while fitting in your pocket.

Game Night

Game Night was started in 2014 by a friend and I as a way to bring nerd lovers together. Since then the company has brown to 4 contracted locations, featured on the cover of the Boston Metro twice, and ranked as one of the best places to visit by Boston Calendar.

Graphic Designs

While product design is my passion, I also have a strong background as a Graphic Designer.