What Are Life Total At (W.A.L.T.A.) is an app that provides Magic: the Gathering players with deep analytical data to help them improve their game.


Magic: the Gathering is the most popular game in the world with an estimated 20 million players globally. We aim to develop an app that captures this market by providing players with an easy way to track their wins and losses, see deck stats, and view active game logs.


Our goal is to become a staple among casual and competitive Magic: the Gathering players and to become the official app of all MTG paper tournaments.


Magic is one of the most complicated games in the world. The rules are constantly evolving, and to date they have printed over 20,000 different cards and 500 different mechanics.

How do we design an app that is both simple to use while also being flexible to MTG’s ever evolving game mechanics?

How do we stand out among hundreds of other MTG apps to become the top app across all devices?


Product Manager
Designed UX/UI

The Results

Finalized Concept

W.A.L.T.A. is still in its early stages of development, however our beta build is performing well.

Positive Feedback

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from professional MTG players.

Beta Release Signups

To date we have over 500 individuals signed up and eager to test out our beta build.

Project Details

Decision #1

Measuring Passion Against Interest

Since I started playing MTG back in 2015 I’ve always thought it would be fun to be able to track my wins and losses. However; there were no apps on the market that offered any such feature. I saw this as an opportunity to capture the competitive MTG market.

To make sure I wasn’t trying to develop something no one wanted, I began interviewing both casual and competitive players to gauge interest.

Decision #2

Using Feedback To Stand Out

The feedback we got from the interviews showed a real interest for what I was looking to develop. It also highlighted several additional features that players wanted but hadn't found anything that met their needs.

This evolved W.A.L.T.A. from a simple stat tracking app to one that could potentially replace all other MTG apps on the market.

Decision #3

Crowd Sourcing

W.A.L.T.A. won't be available to the public until 2020. Our plan is to rollout a beta version of the app so we could get a jump on field testing the app's MVP before release.

In July of 2019 we attended Denver MagicFest and handed out custom made tokens (a key custom component used to play magic) that advertised W.A.L.T.A. and encouraged people to sign up for the beta. The tokens were a hit and to date we have close to 500 signups.